Tunes & Tales



 This project's inception was centred around using my own compositions as a vehicle to explore the question, "when is a piece of music finished?"

Over the course of a year while studying for a master's in Music, and after rigorous reflection and refinement, the question, my music and myself have all changed significantly:

- 'When is a piece of music finished?' became 'can a piece of music be finished?', and then to 'what do I even mean by finished ?'

- The initial Tunes selected from my dormant archive of over seventy tracks were whittled down to nine (split into three parts of three songs each - a trilogy of trilogies) , and even those nine were refined and replaced by different tracks along the way.

- By being critical of my preexisting beliefs of what I think music is, and by reflecting on my music (which I see as an extension of myself), I have been granted a newfound clarity on how I view myself and my music. It became a triadic relationship of myself, my music, and the symbiotic connection between.


At this moment in time, I believe a piece of music cannot be finished because, much like ourselves, it is not in a fixed state. It's an activity, a verb not a noun; we are musicking.


This brief summary barely scratches the surface of this fruitful discussion so have yourself a listen to the Tunes and a peruse of the Tales they have told. I hope you enjoy what you find - welcome to my musical mind.