Tunes & Tales



I am currently creating a collection of original music selected from a compositional archive of over 70 dormant tracks, accompanied by documentation and discussion of the creative processes involved in completing a piece of music.

Split into 3 parts of 3 songs each, this trilogy of trilogies is equally comprised of percussive acoustic instrumentals, heavy metal instrumentals and tunes with vocals.

For each piece of music, the creative process from unreleased to finished work will be documented and shared as a means of discussing the question, “when is a piece of music finished?” 

By setting a release date of mid August 2022, these tunes will gain some kind of parameters for art completion, and the tales they tell intend to provide insight into what determines when a piece of music is finished, or if it ever is.

Everything created in this collection will be by my own efforts so as someone who is primarily a guitarist, do not expect cinematic masterpieces or highly polished audio productions. It's going to be fine.

Welcome to my musical mind.






Is This Thing On?

Art doesn't end at the edge of the canvas. This is all just a test.

My, My Music & I

Taking a look at the connections between myself and my music.

Good Enough

Pitfalls of Perfection: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love To 'Bomb'.

Parameters of Completion

How many different ways can an artist (or audience) determine when a piece of art is complete? Many.

Thinking Through Making

The Theorist makes through thinking, the Craftsman thinks through making. This is the Art of Inquiry.

If Not Now, When?

Over the duration of this project, this question has had the most impact on my development as a musician/human.