It can sometimes be difficult to name an instrumental track so the short story behind the christening of this (mostly) through-composed 7string beast is that is a palindrome and everyone loves a palindrome. The composition of the piece unfortunately does not play the same forwards as it does backwards but the Intro and the Outro are the same riff so there was at least an attempt.

Despite the repetition found in its bookend structure, there are very few repeating parts in this track and about 3 different sections you could call solo sections - it's a chaotically beautiful mess that meanders away from the intro melody, finds new ground, and then returns back. It's like, a journey, man.


Tone Test June/July 2022

I was adamant not to use more than 2 guitars, but I got greedy and sneaked a harmony into the section after this (you can listen above to the latest version and below for all the previous mixes)


Current Mix
Single tracked guitars L|R
Synths blended for tone
EZ Drummer 
Kick/Snare Samples for thicc hits




Development Diary

As with the Origami Samurai and Bowser's Castle 2099, I imported MIDI data from my Guitar Pro files to act as a backing track, then recorded a scratch take for both guitars for reference. From there I could get a handle of what areas were going to need the most attention (the solos), and then checkerboard manageable sections. This made the process efficient and a lot less frustrating than going for the perfect take.