Origami Samurai

Originally named Daft Metal due to the main riff sounding like something Daft Punk might make, this energetic wee tune has donned a new moniker, Origami Samurai - fun to say, fun to play.

Using a combination of dropped down 7 string electric guitars and synths, I experimented for a while to get the tone I was looking for. In contrast to Deified and Bowser's Castle 2099 through-composed structure, this tune has a returning theme with various sections connecting in between.



Tone Test June/July 2022 

I made the most of checkerboarding while recording this one - saved a lot of time! 


Current Mix  
Synths added 
Synth line developed 
Double tracked guitars  
EZ Drummer  
Kick/Snare Samples 



Development Diary

This song originated from a breakdown riff I was trying out with different track way back in 2014. The track that Origami Samurai developed from is still currently unfinished - still waiting for that breakdown riff.
I have always heard a synth blending in with the dropped down distorted guitars and as is apparent from the amount of bounces I have with this one, I had a great deal of fun experimenting with getting the right tone. At this point the mix is in pretty good shape and since it was the last track I worked on for this trilogy, it benefits greatly from the previous Tone Tests.