Bowser's Castle 2099

As soon as I had written the main riff, I knew this piece was destined for video game Boss Battle music - the mysterious ambient intro as you navigate towards the final lair where some creepy demon is awaiting to devour you, the rush of all the instruments joining in as the great evil is revealed and then the strong drive of subsequent sections to rally you through the fight (that's what I hear anyway!).

It's been a lot of fun working on this track and so far the best reaction to it has been:"That is a triumph over evil in a song".  



Tone Test June/July 2022

As you can maybe glean from my mildly accurate pointing, the setup for this was having the Guitar Pro notation on my left, and the Pro Tools recording session above the camera.


Current Mix:
Single tracked guitars, multiple tones (3 distorted and 2 clean with FX)
Neural DSP Archetype Gojira
2 Lead synths and 1 bass synth  
EZ Drummer
Kick/Snare Samples to fatten the drums



Development Diary

This started with just MIDI instruments to see if it was a contender for the portfolio. After having a good deal of fun on the first couple of tests, it was time to add a decent amp modeller for Test 3 - Neural DSP Archetype Gojira. Since then, the development of the other metal tracks (Deified and Origami Samurai) have unearthed other useful production techniques that have been implemented into the 4th test where I added a new guitar melody as well as automating the synth's cutoff during the intro for a more atmospheric feel. A thunder drum is waiting in the wings for the final version.