One of five instrumental compositions for the acoustic guitar that was intended for the Echoes EP - a release that was declared "Coming Soon" back in 2017.

Renewer is one of the first compositions I wrote that used a delay effect throughout the entire tune. The echo that the effect provides allowed for several new rhythmic and harmonic techniques to be explored and many new tunes to be written, including Coalescence.

In mid May 2022, 8 audio takes were recorded and the strongest one was used to experiment with different virtual instruments to see if anything worked - see below.


Audio Test [June 2022]

- 8 Live takes recorded in total
- 1 Good guitar take with small edits used
- MIDI Piano/Choir
- Ukulele harmonies
- Percussion samples

The levels are all over the place, but the piece/its instrumentation are progressing nicely.



Live Take [July 2017]

Started Writing: Mid 2016
Tuning: DADGAD 
Capo: 2nd Fret
Structure: Returning Theme w/ Development

Note: The piece's returning theme increases in duration with each return and its final development is the added percussive elements and extended melodies.