Alfred & Omar 

This fret heavy instrumental composition features frequent use of both hands on the fretboard to tap out the melodies as well as a beginning & end that mirror each other to create a sort of bookends structure. 

I started writing this one back in 2015 and it was intended to be released after the Echoes EP, on an EP with Coalescence and 2 other tracks.

In mid May 2022, 8 audio takes were recorded and the most consistent one was used to experiment with different instruments to see if anything could be added. So far, Alfred & Omar has remained a solo piece - see below.


Rough Mix/Visual Test [June 2022]

- 8 Live takes recorded in total 
- 1 Good take with small edits used

Experimented with other instruments, but nothing recorded (so far).

Little mixing has been made so the audio is a bit rough around the edges.



Endings [OCT 2016/DEC 2021]

Started Writing: Mid 2015  
Tuning: DADGAD   
Capo: 2nd Fret 
Structure: Returning Theme  + Bookends Structure

Note: To clarify, the bookends of this track are mirrored in the way they are played:

Intro: RH High, RH Low, LH
Outro: RH Low, LH, RH High
(RH/LH - Right/Left Hand)

 [Not a perfect mirror I'll admit but pretty close]