When I was young, you told me, "son go out and achieve your dreams"
But I took too long, to write some songs and no sign of a masterpiece
He said, "I'm not being funny, you’ve got to make some money and not just these melodies”
Now I won't kick but I will scream
Cos what the fuck do you even mean
It's take take take, there's no giving
There's no life when you make a living

Tell me tell me brother
Why don’t we like each other
When we all came
From the same mother

Power over
Those that look up to you
For the answer
But you’re their cancer

Look at it rationally
Life can be lived modestly
Just what do we really need
Can’t we repel our greed

And harness the sun
No more toxic lungs
For anyone

Through the ashes of life
Our will can survive
Through the river of time
Our wake, our wake will be wide

Money money money
Always an empty drive
Making those that thrive
Ignore those that die

No more room for
All your hopes and dreams
For now forget them
You just earn your pension

Too fucking old to enjoy it
Time you’ve traded, now regretted
But your stubbornness won’t admit it
So you spit it on acquitted

Kids who can’t control their feelings
Stuck in a world that has no meaning
Gleaning answers from the earth
To be told they’re of no worth

I don’t know it all
But knowing that
Keeps me strong
The earth doesn’t need to be saved
It’s us that are going away

We don’t know it all
But we know now
We get things wrong
It’s time to learn from our mistakes
And turn these tides, it’s not too late