Too Late

 Originally named 'Harness the Sun', this tune opens with me telling the tale of my attempt at pursuing a life producing my music. It then quickly becomes a platform for me to raise my grievances with human greed and ends with an observation that we have made a right mess of things, but it's not too late.

The final verse was actually inspired by George Carlin's bit from his  'Jammin' in New York' stand up when talks about the arrogance of humanity trying to save the planet, and makes the important distinction that, "the planet is fine; the people are fucked."

I've gone for a more PG observation, "the earth doesn't need to be saved, it's us that are going away."

Behind the Scenes

Creative Practice Preview [17/06/2021] 

In 2021 I invested in a looper pedal and the creative adventures I've been able to go on with it have been excellent.

For this track I was able to loop the verse riff for Too Late and improvise until I solidified a melody and cheeky harmony.

How did I decide when the fresh and malleable melody was 'set'? What a good looking question! The answer will be explored in an upcoming blog - stay tuned!


Practice Footage [2016]

This practice session was going alright until the very end...