Ink & Quill 

How would 'fake news' looking back in ye olden times? The lyrics for this one cover how it might have been done and the current impact misinformation has on our society. Pretty heavy stuff I know, but I'm tapping away on the guitar to distract you.

I like the dark/sinister feel to this one, but despite the dark mirror I am holding up to the toxic parts of our society, remember the lyrics from the final verse:

"They make it all up to distract you, because your attention has a value."

So don't be consumed by the darkness, there is plenty light to be found when you look. 


Audio Test [June 2022]

It wasn't until June this year (4 years after initially writing the piece) that I developed the third verse and outro section.

Mistakes aplenty in this one!


Practice from 2019 [Written in 2017/18]

There was no ending section to the piece during this time. I was happy with it, but felt it was rather short and had more potential.