Intercepting ravens from the skies
To feed the rookeries feasible lies
All so he can, learn the hand
Of the all writers, all across the land

He writes it all down, with an ink and quill
Forging love letters, and the old king’s will
But he’s poisoned the well, from which he draws
So everything he writes, must be flawed

When you take this man, from long ago
Put him in our times, the life that we know
You can see him, almost everywhere you look
In the corruption from the truth we mistook

He types it all up, with no discourse
Facts forgotten, and no remorse
Taking the time to find the lines he knows he can’t cross
To dance around them and manipulate your thoughts

The man has grown into a colossal being
invading your life, to tell you what you’re feeling
Capitalising on an ill informed society
So misinformation can be spread so very easily

They make it all up, to distract you
Cos your attention, has a value
Picking the parts that put perspective out of the question
And focus on the bad so good will get no mention