‘Pitches love Shifts’ – Pitch Shifting

What are? In our digital age, pitch shifting has become a simple process that allows us to manipulate the pitch of an audio waveform higher or lower. This allows for countless applications, a notable example is how Matt Stone and Trey Parker create the voices for their animated show South Park – they record the […]

Straightforward Tutorial #3 – Parallel Compression in Pro Tools

The New York Compression Trick, Upward Compression and Parallel Compression; different names for the same thing. “It seems like every mixer who’s ever mixed in New York City comes away with this maneuver. Even if you don’t mix in NYC, after you try it, you just might find yourself using this trick all the time […]

Straightforward Tutorial #2 – Side Chain Gating in Pro Tools

Side chain gating has many useful applications in mixing and can be relatively simple to create. One of the most notable uses is by Trevor Horn where he side chained the kick drum to a sampled bass guitar note so that every time the kick was hit, it triggered a bass note to give the […]

Reverse Reverb

What are? Reverse reverb is a relatively simple technique that causes reverb to lead into a sound rather than it trailing off after it. It can be achieved by applying reverb to the duplicate of a reversed audio track, recording that reverb to a new track and reversing it again. When this track is synced back […]