Learn to play:

Below you will find all the notation for each track from the Elements EP in pdf files for you to either view online or to download on to your computer. The notation is my own concoction to try and declutter the standard notation – when notation includes harmonics, double tapping, percussive hits and rhythm it becomes a mess very quickly. My solution was my own hybrid notation:

Notation on top

Tablature in the middle

Body hits on bottom [top line snare hits, bottom line bass hits]

It might look like overkill at first but I found it was the easiest way for me to notate and play back my own pieces; the notation gives you rhythm, the tablature gives you the correct fingering and the percussive line declutters the score.

One final note is that the notation is accurate but it by no means perfect. The pieces themselves were all played to a carefully constructed click track [metronome] to accommodate for human feel in the timing but that made for some tricky notation. My advice is to use all the ‘elements’ of the EP to learn the pieces – listen to the audio, watch the videos and then use the notation to guide you through.

The Pieces:

I. Celtic Dawn Score

II. Grass Dance Score

III. The Ballad of Tom Riach Score

IV. Equinox Score

V. Instrü Mentae Score

Vi. Eclipse Score

I hope you enjoy playing these pieces as much as I have composing and performing them myself. If you are struggling to understand the notation or find any gaping mistakes, please do not hesitate to contact me through the services/contact tab at the top and leave a message about your problem and I shall try to rectify.