Straightforward Tutorial #1.337 – Reverse Reverb in Pro Tools [Cymbals]

As I have done a tutorial for Logic, is it only fair that I do the same for Pro Tools as there are a few differences in achieving reverse reverb:

[For this tutorial I have used three single cymbal hits from the workspace browser (⌥ ; )]

I. Merge audio regions together with Shuffle so that there are no gaps in the audio (F1 on MAC)

II. Record on to a new track to create a new audio file

III. To reverse the audio, select the region and then from the top menu > AudioSuite > Other > Reverse and then click render

Reverse function location

IV. Move to and Add reverb to another audio track and set up a new bus (rename VERB) to be sent back to the second audio track.

The audio is now on the right track, to be recorded with reverb on to the left track

V. Record your reversed track with the reverb now applied, making sure you capture all the reverb.

Tasty reverberation!

VI. Reverse this version back to its original forward playback to create your reversed reverb effect (AudioSuite > Other > Reverse)

VII. Synch up the hits with the original and it should sound something like this:



Using reverse reverb on cymbal hits is omnipresent over countless genres in music as it provides swells to build up to a chord or new section or even a brief pause in the music before everything goes mental:

Sanctity – Beloved Killer


Reverse reverb in Pro Tools is achieved in a different way to Logic due to the different ways each programme runs. There is no sonic advantage in using Pro Tools over Logic or vice versa, instead it is just whatever programme the engineer prefers to use – personally I prefer Pro Tools, but Logic is okay too.

Any questions, please  leave comments either down below or in contact section 🙂



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